Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beginning Of Winter

I don’t know about most people, but I don’t need  a calendar to tell me when winter begins but rather the first significant snow. Accordingly, winter has finally begun for us in these mountains with a six inch snow fall on March the first. I want to say something clever about the ground hog being wrong this year(he supposedly predicted six more weeks of winter), but I'm not sure how to interpret things. While today’s storm certainly fits into the framework of the prediction of more winter, but can one say we’re having more winter when we essentially haven’t had any yet. But as for today, I suppose the ski slopes are happy—if they are still open. Yes, winter finally came. Skimobiles were out in force as if to make up for lost time. Snow ball fights are breaking out. It is a virtual winter wonderland outside. Now I’m ready for spring.

It is interesting how events affect different people in the same area. Truthfully, I haven’t missed the shoveling of, and the driving in, the frozen precipitation. But many people in our area are dependent on snow for their living. The area ski slopes have been having nothing resembling a banner year to say the least. Snow plowing businesses are also suffering. The local skimobile shop appears to have a surplus of machines on hand. I’ve heard that retail stores cannot move their inventory of snow blowers. Anyone want to buy a snow shovel, cheap? It’s hardly been used.

I’ve lived long enough in these mountains to know, however, how things can quickly change.Last year we had record snows. This year our first significant winter snow has come in March (the one in October doesn’t count). Next year, who knows? Maybe I should search out bargains on snow blowers. I might get a good deal. Besides, this winter is not over yet (according to the calendar). These mountains commonly have had snow storms well into April. One year we had snow on Memorial Day--ten inches. I even remember flurries on a Fourth of July (It’s amazing how the older I get I remember things others don’t seem to recall).

But whatever happens, it is clear that it is not in anyone’s control. I can hope for an early spring. Others may want more snow. Whatever happens, not everyone will be pleased.The lack of snow has benefitted some while hurting others. At any rate, the forecast is for 50 degree weather by the weekend. The snow we have will probably not be around long which pleases those like me, but not those who need the snow. However, neither my wishing, nor anything else I can do, will change what will happen. And so it is with so many things in our lives. Such events are beyond our control.

It is comforting, however, to know that there is One for Whom nothing is out of control. Those of us who are in Christ have a heavenly Father, Who is never taken by surprise. All natural events occur according to His will (not global warming). Nothing takes Him by surprise. I can try to anticipate, plan and even worry, but only God knows what will happen. How blessed it is to trust in the One Who knows what tomorrow will bring because He is already there.

This has been a year for me to learn to trust our heavenly Father. But how can one trust Him unless he first knows Him? The first step in trusting is in accepting what He has done for us on the Cross. It all comes down to this Truth: Jesus died for our sins so that whosoever receives His provision for sin will have forgiveness and a relationship with the One Who created all that there is to see. While most things are out of our control, it is so wonderful that we can trust the One Who is in control.

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