Thursday, July 14, 2011

End of The World?

Flash: The world did not end, my computer is back.

It seems that every time I turn around it picks up a virus and my computer goes down. In a time where conspiracy theories run rampant, new predictions of the end of the world surface daily and economic collapse is said to be imminent, I turn to my computer to help me regain some of the sanity I still have left. When it is not working, it is the end of the world (at least it seems that way to me). Maybe these computer viruses are indeed a part of a worldwide conspiracy to disrupt the normal flow of things, bringing a total economic collapse and along with it global warming. I don’t have any idea where it could all lead, but then I’m consumed with worry about whether or not I’ll ever get my first Social Security check if the budget impasse is not resolved in Washington. But now my computer is back and I can take comfort that at least something is going right-- at least until the next virus shuts it down again.

Tongue in cheek aside, it does appear that every time we turn around new conspiracies are being exposed, new predictions about the end of the world are made and more concerns bought about concerning issues of the environment, including global warming. To say we live in turbulent times is an extreme understatement. There is no question that things are rapidly changing. Case in point, ten years ago, my computer was not as important to my daily routine as it is now. Today, I receive my daily mail over it, I can do my work on it, I can even get instant news and weather reports on it, and more importantly, I can even find out who the Mets are going to trade next. Yes, things are indeed changing rapidly but, is all this change for the bad? Who knows?

When I engage in this line of thought, I realize that things are not as uncertain as they seem. There are answers to many of life’s questions even though not all will be made clear this side of Heaven. There is a Book which makes many predictions about things that are to come, and while many disagree concerning the meaning of the predictions in this Book, the outcome is clear. The end is in sight. However, the end is not an end at all, but a new beginning of a new Earth which will last for eternity. Someone has said it this way, “I’ve peeked at the end of the Book and guess what, we win”. While this statement in my opinion is overused, there is truth in it if the “we” mentioned is true believers in Christ.

There is no question that things are escalating around us. Changes are happening at a frightening pace. The end of things as we know it is coming. Whether it be in a few years or fifty, this one thing is certain, Jesus is coming. We don’t know the date. God does. We can have the assurance that He is in control even though things change, and even when my computer doesn’t work.

This writer can’t imagine how anyone taking an honest look at the current events in our world can deny the veracity of the Bible. It’s all there. The depravity of man, the propensity toward evil, but also the Grace of God, all described in this Book, are constantly being revealed in our modern world. Where can we turn but to the One Peter described as being the only One with the words of eternal life? “Neither is there salvation in any other, there is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved ( Acts 4:12)”. To the believer is the comforting thought that we are to cast all our care on Him (Jesus) for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). I can rest assured even when things go wrong.

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