Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Believe

As a four year old I bowed my head and asked Jesus into my heart. I do not have a clear memory of this and so I go on what others told me. So is this enough on which to base a life of belief? What did I know at the age of four and what did I believe? Was I merely accepting what was being taught by
those close to me? Was it their faith or did I truly have faith of my own?
However, I am no longer four years old. I have continued in that belief I expressed so many years ago. While it may be that my early belief began as an acceptance of my parents' belief, somewhere along the line that belief changed to a belief of my own. My faith has been challenged over the
years, and I no longer believe because of what others have said, but because I have reasons of my own to believe. So why do I believe in the God of the Bible? Why should any educated person of reason believe the God of the Bible is true?
The first reason I believe in the God of the Bible is that there is no reason not to. While there have been attempts to discredit the Bible with all its claims concerning God, all such attempts have fallen short. True Science, by that I mean what can actually be proven and not hypotheses and conjectures, is not in conflict with the Bible. As I say this, I realize there are those who will say, “But what about…?” and will talk about some apparent contradiction between Science and the Bible. My answer is this. Science is an ongoing thing. All the evidence is not in. As more evidence is received, time and time again, the conflict between Science and the Bible recedes. More often than not, it is the conjectures that get in the way. It is my observance that when the assumption that there is no God is put aside, there is no real reason to deduce from the evidence that He does not exist.
A second reason I believe in the God of the Bible is where else can I go? As Peter said to Jesus “Who else has the words of eternal life?”, I consider the same. Who else has the solutions to this world’s problems? Who else has the answers to the evil caused by man’s sinful nature? Who else brings
forgiveness? All efforts to solve these issues are a band aid approach at best. They only cover up the real issue which is man’s separation from God. Only the God of the Bible sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins. Only God can reconcile us to Himself. Only God can give us everlasting peace.
A third reason I believe in the God of the Bible is that I have seen answers to prayer. God makes promises in His words—promises He intends to complete. Over and over, God answers the prayers of those who have received Him and are prepared to put Him to the test by trusting Him to keep His Word. Over and over we have seen the words of prophecy come true in our time. God answers prayer and watches over His children.
A fourth reason I believe in the God of the Bible is changed lives. People are changed when they trust in Him. It’s not a matter of trying to do better only to fail, but a change from within. Those who were once headed in one way now walk totally different. Those suffering all sorts of physical difficulties still have that smile--that joy in their heart. God changes lives.
And then there is that still small voice. It is hard to explain this to those who don’t believe in the God of the Bible, however the Bible promises God’s presence with all who have received Him. He indwells
through the Holy Spirit. I can’t see Him, or hear Him audibly, but He makes His presence known when I allow myself to be quiet before Him.
And so you can see. My faith is still there. As a child I did not question it. As an adult, it has been questioned, but still stands. My invitation to anyone who reads this is, “Come, see that the Lord is good.”

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