Friday, May 14, 2010

A Better Way

You would think that with such a title as “A Better Way” that I would be writing about love as found in I Corinthians 13 and you would be right. However, before getting into that topic in full force, I think it best to make some comments about two “old” blogs about the end times I recently posted on this blogsite. Nothing seems to separate genuine believers today like this topic. If you doubt this, research end times prophecy on the internet. You will find much commentary and much heated rhetoric much of which stops just short of condemning those who disagree with the opinions expressed in the particular commentary at hand.

I do not know why two believers who look at the same Scriptures can have such different opinions about the end times. I can only search the Scripture, praying for illumination from the Holy Spirit and trust Him for what He brings to me. I certainly have a particular view concerning the end times as evidenced in these blogs, but I refuse to allow myself the luxury to judge those with a different point of view. No doubt many factors can affect how we as individuals interpret Scripture. Denominational teachings, basic presuppositions and even personal preferences can cloud our view. Only as we draw closer to the One Who authored it all will we be in more agreement. For now we must agree to agree on the most important things, in particular, the Gospel, agreeing not to let the secondary things, no matter how important they may seem to us, separate us from sweet fellowship in Jesus Christ, while we seek as individuals to draw closer to God..

I Corinthians 13 shows us that the most important factor in drawing close to God is in experiencing His love as we share His love with those around us. I begin to understand God’s love for me, as I allow His love to flow through me. When I choose not to allow God’s love to flow through me (and it is a choice), I have no real experience as to the height, breadth and depth of His love. I may believe John 3:16 that “God so loved the world” and may trust Jesus to be my Savior and Lord, but unless I allow His love to flow, my faith has no real feet. How can I believe God’s love is great enough to forgive me all my offenses, if I am unwilling to forgive those that offend me? Am I to take the place of God? I desire His forgiveness but when I am unwilling to forgive, do I see my sin somehow less than theirs?

In this blog site I try to write from the point of view of the local church. I am much concerned about the lack of love shown among believers in churches today. Differences about the doctrine of the end times, is only a drop in the proverbial bucket when we consider what separates believers today. Often it’s “If you only knew what he (or she) did (or said), you would know why I can’t forgive.” However, the love in I Corinthians is unconditional and not self serving. It is not envious, but patient, as is God’s love is with us. It is this love by which others will be able to identify us as true believers.

I am convinced that on this earth we believers will never be in total agreement on all matters. I am determined however not to let those differences separate me from fellowship with those that truly embrace the Gospel of the all-sufficient death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Gospel that begins with the words “God so loved…” is what really matters for eternity. All else will fail. For me to experience the fullness of this Gospel, is to experience the fullness of God’s love as I let it flow through me to love not only those who love me, but also those who have offended me (the greater the offense the greater the love) and disagree with me.

Read I Corinthians 13, is God’s love in you?

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